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The top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture

In preparation for the Global Food Systems Forum, this blog is an opportunity to aggregate the wealth of research associated with sustainably feeding 8 billion people by 2025 (or in some cases, 9 billion by 2050). 

In 2010, Jules Pretty, et al wrote, "The Top 100 questions of importance to the future of global agriculture" linked below.  

"To meet the expected demand for food without significant increases in prices, it has been estimated that we need to produce 70–100 per cent more food, in light of the growing impacts of climate change, concerns over energy security, regional dietary shifts and the Millennium Development target of halving world poverty and hunger by 2015. The goal for the agricultural sector is no longer simply to maximize productivity, but to optimize across a far more complex landscape of production, rural development, environmental, social justice and food consumption outcomes. However, there remain significant challenges to developing national and international policies that support the wide emergence of more sustainable forms of land use and efficient agricultural production. The lack of information flow between scientists, practitioners and policy makers is known to exacerbate the difficulties, despite increased emphasis upon evidence-based policy. In this paper, we seek to improve dialogue and understanding between agricultural research and policy by identifying the 100 most important questions for global agriculture."

Take a moment to read the Top 100 questions and share your feedback.  

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Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 5:09 PM
  • Author: Jennifer Rindahl

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