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Title Two Novel Clinical Scoring Systems for Bovine Respiratory Disease in Pre-Weaned Dairy Calves
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Love, William: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine Teaching & Research Center
Kass, Philip: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Drake, Christiana: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Farver, Thomas: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Crockford, Hugh: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Davis, Jessica: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Van Eenennaam, Alison
CE Specialist Animal Biotechnology and Genomics
Animal Science
Lehenbauer, Terry: UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
Description Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) which includes pneumonia, is a multi-factorial disease of cattle and a leading cause of productivity loss in North American beef and dairy herds. Identification and treatment of BRD in pre-weaned dairy heifers is of particular interest since these calves may experience a life-long reduction in productivity. However, accurate diagnosis and control of BRD in production settings have proven challenging for a number of reasons, including inaccurate and costly diagnostic criteria and variable clinical presentation. This may lead to inappropriate administration of antibiotics to healthy calves or production loss from untreated cases. Standardized clinical scoring systems have been applied in several fields to diagnose and predict clinical outcomes in a repeatable, reliable manner. A standardized and validated scoring system for BRD would be a useful tool to improve BRD diagnosis, treatment, and control. While at least one previous scoring method has been proposed, no BRD clinical score or validation has been published in peer-reviewed literature.

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