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Title Proactive Chemical Ecology: Portable Instrumentation for Identifying Pheromones of Invasive Insect Pests
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Millar, Jocelyn G.
Distinguished Professor, Entomology, Cooperating Faculty, Chemistry
Entomology (UCR)
McElfresh, Steve
Staff Research Associate
Entomology (UCR)
Description The rapid expansion of global trade has resulted in a flood of invasive insects and pathogens entering California and the United States. Recent examples include the Asian citrus psyllid (the vector of citrus greening disease), light brown apple moth, European grapevine moth, and the stink bug Bagrada hilaris. California is particularly susceptible to invasive species because of its many ports of entry, its temperate to subtropical climate suitable for exotic insect species, and its diversity of habitats and hosts.

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