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Title Building Capacity in Afghanistan to Provide Demand-Driven Extension Services to Farmers
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Hill, James E
CE Specialist
Department of Plant Sciences
Bell, Mark: Director, International Learning Center Director, Humphrey Fellowship program Leader, Communication and Information Transfer, Hort CRSP, UC Davis
Madden, Nicholaus

Dean's Office CA&ES (UCD)
Pannkuk, Chris: Washington State University
McNamara, Kevin: Purdue University
Hanson, Jim: University of Maryland
Description Afghanistan is poor and rural - More than 70% of Afghans are dependent on farming and, on average, they earn just $1.50 per day. In addition, few can read - with only 18% of woman and 50% of men being literate. Although wheat is the primary staple, Afghan agriculture is remarkably diverse—grapes, almonds, pomegranate, citrus, apples, rice and many other crops, as well as, sheep, goats and cattle. UC ANR is leading a consortium of land-grant universities to help farmers by rebuilding Afghanistan’s extension system.

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